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Lost and Nameless

They are not sure when people began lumping all folk music into soft or subtle categories. Sometimes it just doesn’t always apply. If you’ve ever experienced the Lost and Nameless Orchestra, you know exactly what they’re talking about. Chris Peterson and Patrick Conway first met in St. Louis in 1993, and they made an instant connection between performing traditional fiddle tunes and their original songs. Moving to Austin in 2006, they added multi-instrumentalist/fiddler Kimberly Zielnicki and keyboardist Nathan Quiring. All of this talent in one band is mind-blowing, and it surely explains their fierce and varied live performances. To play the kinds of music the Lost and Nameless Orchestra wants to play-- and this is a quartet capable of Irish fiddle tunes, pop-folk ballads, Eastern European jazz numbers, contemporary country and more-- they've all picked up new instruments to serve the music: Patrick on harmonica to Nathan's accordion to Kimberly's bass guitar to Chris' lap steel. Their innate talents allow them to make switching instruments and genres easy, from western swing to gypsy jazz.

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